About Us

Here’s a little bit about us.

Started by an idea, that anyone may hold the ideas for the next big product.

We aim to help bring that idea to a truly refined and solid design. We work with you to help formulate a plan. Educate about the processes of making things realities, and providing connections and access to all of these services.

This is how we started.

We are not just limited to kickstart new innovative ideas, we help incubate them. We work with all sorts of media and materials to generate exactly what you want. We can make it even easier for your needs, and your budget. We can create a “looks-like” visual model that may be a marketing tool, or a stage prop. If function is what you are after, we can build you a “works-like” that will, you guessed it, work as your idea intends, a great proof of concept prototype. Both have their own set of strengths. And if you feel daring to go big, we can make you a “looks-like, works-like” which is the real deal.

We design, we prototype, and we create. That’s just what we are great at doing. With the minds of some of the most talented people, our resources are limitless, and will accomplish anything.


EST. 2014